BreathActiv is the WORLD’S FIRST and only comprehensive oral probiotic system that improves your oral health, freshens your breath, and naturally whitens your teeth within four to six weeks of starting the programme. Your teeth will be four shades lighter without the use of harsh chemicals and you will be more confident to show that amazing smile.

Our patented blend of beneficial bacteria is 100% natural and family friendly, and combined with our innovative system, will put you on the path to a brighter smile and healthier mouth.

    Professional Product Range

    • Professional Probiotic Mouthwash

      Each carton of BreathActiv Professional Probiotic Mouthwash contains 20 single-use bottles of our patented blend of beneficial bacteria to be mixed on demand after dental treatment.
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    • Professional Probiotic Lozenges

      BreathActiv Professional Lozenges stabilise your oral microbiome with an extra strength dosage to improve your oral health, freshen your breath, and whiten your teeth.
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    Everyday Product Range

    • Everyday Adult Probiotic Lozenges

      BreathActiv Everyday Adult Lozenges are ideal for long term maintenance as part of your everyday routine to maintain a healthy balance of beneficial oral bacteria for improved oral health.
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    • Everyday Kids Probiotic Lozenges

      BreathActiv Everyday Kids Lozenges contain an added beneficial digestive bacteria that reduces diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome, and promotes a good digestive microbiome.
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    • Everyday Toddler Probiotic Drops

      BreathActiv Everyday Toddler Drops contain a patented blend of beneficial bacteria and specially added digestive bacteria to support your little one's health and wellness.