About Cleanition

Cleanition was established in 2009 by Dr. Joachim Smith (DDS) with the intention to research and develop promising technologies to treat oral diseases. With an operational office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and a scientific office in Switzerland, Cleanition has developed consumer products for halitosis (bad breath), throat health, and probiotic support for the body.

During the first five years of research, the Cleanition team, led by Dr. Smith, researched various technologies aimed at improving oral health. Cleanition’s breakthrough product, BreathActiv – the world’s first and only comprehensive oral probiotic system for improved oral health, fresher breath, and whiter teeth – was developed in 2012 and went to market in 2015 after numerous successful clinical trials. In 2014 the team went on to develop ThroatActiv; an oral probiotic to serve as the first line of defence against ENT infection.

Cleanition continues to be a leader in oral health with the development of new products to support the human body. Every effort is made to bring innovative products to our patients and the healthcare community.

At Cleanition we believe that the mouth is the gateway to the body, and a healthy mouth keeps a healthy body and a brighter smile.

Our Vision

Our vision is to separate ourselves from the norm and create products that are innovative and celebrated. We strive to create a better future everyday with products that make people feel confident, look good, and smile more.

Our strategy is to attain sustainable organic growth by doubling our business while bringing a positive social impact. By combining a wide range of experiences from various countries, cultures and industries, we seek to strengthen our relationships in all markets and with our consumers.  We believe in our future growth and encourage everyone to join us.

Because Kids are our Future

The BreathActiv brand was specially developed for kids and has since transformed into a much more complete system for the whole family.  We encourage children to learn good oral care practices from an early age so they can have a brighter smile later in life.  

Cleanition partners with various initiatives to bring our expertise to oral health programmes around the world, to encourage children to take care of their teeth.

The Long Walk Ahead

Cleanition is now set to go global, and educate everyone on good oral health practices. Beginning with Dubai in the Middle East, we have started this journey with our many partners and valuable consumers.

Cleanition LLC is a member of the International Probiotics Association.

To discuss the distribution of Cleanition products, please contact us directly at sales@cleanition.com.

Message from our CEO

Oral care has always been an underappreciated section of the healthcare industry. It is for this reason that Cleanition focuses on what we consider to be the gateway to the body – the mouth. For the past seven years, Cleanition scientists have researched numerous technologies and developed innovative products as a result.

We have spent this time perfecting our formulations, running trials to test the efficacy of our products, and finding great partners for the manufacturing and distribution of our products, ensuring that only the best quality products reach our customers and their families.

Just a few short months after going to market, the feedback from our customers has already proven invaluable, and the results have been truly remarkable.

We aim to expand globally, with our products occupying shelves in the offices of healthcare professionals around the world. We are well on our way to taking over the oral health market with natural and safe products.

It’s an exciting time to be a part of Cleanition and I thank all the people who have contributed to our success and continue to support us. Going forward, what we achieve and how we achieve it will be thanks to our customers. We will continue to maintain the high ethical standards, values, and passion which gives us the ability to make a difference in people’s lives.

– Jaco Smith